Final Cut Pro X (that’s 10… not “ex”)

So – mixed feelings about this one.
I’m always the first to jump on the bandwagon about new software and workflows, but I can’t see myself jumping behind the latest incarnation of Apple’s editing software just yet.
Don’t get me wrong, what they’ve done is incredible. It’s great fun to play/work with.. and the new features are a blast. It’s the bits they’ve left out that will concern the professional commercial editors.

The magnetic timeline will take a bit of getting used to, but certainly feels like it could make complex edits easier.
I love the new Trim mode (prescise trim?) think being able to see both sides of the cut like that make life so much easier – as does the audio scrubbing.

No EDL/OMF/XML export. They (apple) are leaving that to 3rd party developers. But for now it means that we can’t export our cuts to any format that the Post companies we work with need. (also – no output to tape)
No Multi-cam. bit of a pain for music videos and other multicamera shoots, but not a deal breaker… and something we can expect to see in future revisions.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say once I’ve had more of a chance to work with it. I certainly want to try it out on my next “all-digital” workflow.
The ongoing joke is that the most used new feature will be the “Provide Final Cut Pro Feedback” button


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